5. They embody exactly what I look for in a band…a humble bunch of youngsters who are wise beyond their years in their approach to the game. For more information on the band’s upcoming shows, check out its website. “Hopefully, this will help more people outside of Colorado hear our music and help us grow as a band.”
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Slow Caves has been active in Colorado’s rock scene for the last two years, racking up memorable shows around Fort Collins and Denver all the while, like its stage-breaking set at the Denver Post Foundation’s Underground Music Showcase. Slow Caves will embark on a brief tour in January 2017, kicking off in Grand Junction on Jan. While 2016 hasn’t been a bucket of raspberries in the music world, Fort Collins four-piece Slow Caves is ending the year on a high note. I’m beyond excited to see what we can accomplish together when all is said and done!”
Catch Slow Caves’ next show on Saturday at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, where they’ll open for IZCALLi. Seasoned players with top notch abilities who want to hit the road as hard as possible. Slow Caves jump into a new record deal. “There are a lot of really great bands on Old Flame, and we are really excited to work with them and be exposed to new audiences,” the band said in an emailed statement. Photo by Dylan Adams. Their music excites me the same way that I felt when I first heard Arctic Monkeys or The Bravery…super polished but still wearing those rose colored glasses…their whole lives ahead of them. In an emailed quote, Old Flame Records founder Rob Mason likened the band’s vibe to that of Arctic Monkeys and The Bravery:
“I’m so excited to welcome Slow Caves to the Old Flame family. The synth-swaddled garage rockers have inked a deal with Cincinnati’s Old Flame Records, former home of Cloud Nothings and Dead Confederate.