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Hundreds brave the cold for 42nd annual Tuba Christmas

— Tom McGhee (@dpmcghee) December 18, 2016
Jeanie Schroder — who sings and plays sousaphone, double bass and flute with DeVotchKa — joined Clark as a co-conductor. The tubas were joined by other brass instruments, including the sousaphone, euphonium and even a valve trombone. 180 Tubas celebrate the season. The tuba rarely takes the spotlight in music, he said. This story was first published on DenverPost.com “I really like Christmas, and I think the best way to celebrate is the music,” said Neal, 15, a freshman. “No city can call itself a major city if they don’t have a Tuba Christmas.”
One hundred eighty musicians, some from as far away as Baltimore, played an hour of Christmas carols at the event in Skyline Park. Thomas Neal, 15, played at the event with his fellow Douglas County High School student Jake Fifer, 17. “You can tell all your friends you attended a heavy metal concert,” Bill Clark, Tuba Christmas conductor, told the crowd. The event is held annually in cities throughout the United States, Clark, a retired professor of music at the University of Colorado Denver and the director of the Queen City Jazz Band, said. Hundreds of people braved the cold Sunday to cheer on a flock of brass players as the Denver celebrated its 42nd annual Tuba Christmas. It’s Tuba Christmas in Denver! “This is such a neat tradition,” said Jim Hardee, 50, who attended to cheer on son Aaron, 15, a sophomore at Broomfield’s Legacy High School. It’s a blast.”
The players ranged from 9 years old to over 75. It was the 27th year that Walt Blankenship, 50, has played in Tuba Christmas. “This is the one time a year when tubas get recognition. The first Denver Tuba Christmas was held in nearby Larimer Square, and only 20 musicians played, Clark said.

Watch Nathaniel Rateliff sing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with a bunch of Denver musicians

Sure enough, after a night that saw Collins sing a sparse and haunting version of “Chelsea Hotel” and Green strip down Cohen’s epic “Everybody Knows,” Rateliff took the stage, first alone for “Take This Longing” (which you can watch here) then with bandmate Joseph Pope III and Julie Davis for “Passing Through” before bringing just about everyone in the room on stage to play Cohen’s most famous song, “Hallelujah.”
The track, Rateliff admitted, was not his favorite Leonard Cohen song, but that didn’t stop him and his collaborators from delivering a powerful, loud rendition that put tears in the singer’s eyes, which he chalked up to “being old.”
Here’s the very shaky and slightly blown out video of both “Passing Through” and “Hallelujah” (“Hallelujah” starts at about 6 minutes in if you want to skip ahead). Nathaniel Rateliff — fresh off a pair of annual holiday shows at the Ogden Theatre and having an entire day named after him by Gov. But the lineup, full of longtime Denver mainstays like Joe Sampson, Aaron Collins, Julie Davis and Roger Green had many wondering if the “and special guests” on the flyer would include the city’s current most famous troubadour in the festivities. Photo by Michael McGrath. One more from Nathaniel Rateliff at the Leonard Cohen show https://t.co/4ulyeKBkuP
— Eric Lubbers (@brofax) December 19, 2016 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats play the Ogden Theater, December 16, 2016. Hickenlooper — wasn’t even on the bill for the “Celebration of Leonard Cohen” at South Broadway’s Hi-Dive Sunday night.

Download Shaley Scott’s “Careful,” only in Steal This Track

It was music that felt as if it was made in a factory, on a production line with prefab parts. If you’re a Colorado band or musician ready to expose your fresh sounds to the readers of Reverb, email your tracks — along with any interesting facts about them, as well as a photo or album art — to Steal This Track for consideration. Folks like Solange and Lady Gaga take a sound known to be vacuous and impregnate it with honest emotions and artistic depth. For years now, Shaley Scott has produced singer-songwriter music with an affinity for the blues and the piano. An Avalon Clare illustration
Pop music gets a bad rap. Please note that downloads offered via Steal This Track are intended to whet your appetite, and are NOT CD-quality recordings. If you want those, please support the artists by buying their music and/or seeing them live. It’s a refreshing direction, really. We only feature tracks not available for free elsewhere. There was a time when the phrase described music produced for commercial shilling, mostly lacking depth and substance. And it’s not a total departure: She still has her blues enriched voice and mature vision, But damn, this track is fun. The heart and vigor of Shaley Scott’s previous work has been channeled into a banger. Related Articles

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In her own way, this seems to be the direction Fort Collins’ Shaley Scott is moving towards. Today, however, there are artists who turn those prefab parts into something new and profound. Below, download “Careful” from Shaley Scott. And isn’t that the point of pop music? And now, we have “Careful,” a track that stands out in the Shaley Scott collection as unapologetically dance pop. Then, follow her website for updates on the album and live shows. Recently, however, she was signed to Sugarfox Records, a Fort Collins-based boutique label.