Richardson, The Denver Post)
Most Visited Restaurant
Most Visited Bar
Justin Bieber performs at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado on April 4, 2016. The Local Lyfties are where it’s at. (Denver Post file)
Most Visited Transit Stop
Union Station
And remember that time Demi Lovato drove around Denver in an Undercover Lyft? (Seth McConnell, The Know)
Most Visited Event Venue
Pepsi Center
Only in Denver
Native Roots
Trending Destination
Cervantes’ Masterpiece
The Terminal Bar inside Denver’s Union Station. Lyft celebrated the most visited destinations of the year with the 2016 Lyftie Awards, awarding Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville as the most visited restaurant, The Abbey in Los Angeles as the most visited bar, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas as the most visited hotel and Chicago’s Navy Pier as the top tourist destination among a few other national winners. A Denver Lyft driver picks up a customer. National, smational. (Helen H. These are the 6 most popular Lyft destinations in Denver in 2016:
Mandy Brown, left, and Marissa Vellone, right, enjoy a drink together on the patio that overlooks downtown Denver and Coors Field at Avanti Food + Beverage on August 4, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)
Oh 2016, it started with me trying to order a Lyft with thousands of other people leaving New Year’s Eve in downtown Denver (very unsuccessfully), so it’s fitting to wrap it with the Lyftie awards.