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Download “The Worst In You” from Tyto Alba, only in Steal This Track

We only feature tracks not available for free elsewhere. The overwhelming turnout at marches on Saturday proved that legions of people are going to sit back and let it happen. At the core of Tyto Alba music is a balance between the thoughtful, heartfelt and tender lyrics and subtle guitar fingerwork Steinway brings from her folk background and the driving, riff-friendly rock the fellas add. The comp is “pay what you like” and proceeds will be split between the two orgs. Leading off the comp is Denver’s Tyto Alba, who shared the single “Between the Lines.” Tyto Alba formed in Denver in late 2014 when folkster singer/guitarist Melanie Steinway teamed up with indie rock guitarist Matt Rossi. This January, Tyto Alba released the single “The Worst In You” from their sophomore EP, “In Our Own Time,” which will be released on March 3 with a show at Syntax Physic Opera. It’s an expansive and driving yet intimate and thoughtful collection of songs. The unlikely combo worked, and they soon added bass and drums. One such example is the “Planned Parenthood and ACLU Benefit Compilation.” Organized by some dedicated Colorado music fans, the comp features unreleased, b-sides and live tracks from 27 artists from Colorado and beyond. On their first EP, “Oh Tame One,” listeners could tell something magical was at work. If you’re a Colorado band or musician ready to expose your fresh sounds to the readers of Reverb, email your tracks — along with any interesting facts about them, as well as a photo or album art — to Steal This Track for consideration. But there are other, smaller, oft-overlooked things folks are doing to fight back. If you want those, please support the artists by buying their music and/or seeing them live. Please note that downloads offered via Steal This Track are intended to whet your appetite, and are NOT CD-quality recordings. For the obvious reasons, lots of folks in Colorado feel that our civil liberties will be under attack for the next four years. But now it has blossomed. And it deserves your immediate attention, as does Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. This EP is not a departure from what the band was working on with “Oh Tame One,” rather it appears to be the fruition of what they set out to do. Download the track “The Worst In You” below.

Watch: Denver’s Bad Licks shares video for “Set Them on Fire”

In the song and the video — a veritable Ludovico treatment of protests, authoritarian brutality and war, color-corrected to stark red, white and blue — the band makes no bones about it: There are political songs, and then there’s this. You might have caught Denver’s Bad Licks opening for Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats’ last Denver show at the Ogden Theatre (the one where the band got a whole day named after them). “I think the trend in music in 2017 will be a lot of protest songs, maybe a surge of punk/hardcore,” frontman and videographer Rett Rogers said in an email. The manic offspring of the Night Sweats, the bayou-born Rootbeer & Mermentau and fuzz overlords Blue Rider, the pressure-cooker psych band formed at the beginning of 2016 after members Alex Eschen, Mark Shusterman, Rett Rogers, “Rootbeer” Ritchie and Aaron Collins decided to record a few sweaty demos in the basement of the Hi-Dive. “People on all sides are angry and artists are going to reflect these turbulent times.”
Check out the music video above, and listen to more Bad Licks via Bandcamp. “Set Them On Fire” is the spruced-up version of one of those demos.

Photos: Illegal Pete’s 2017 holiday party

The Other Black performs at Illegal Pete’s Holiday Party at the Summit Music Hall on Jan. Check out our photos of the night above. 23, 2017. On Monday, Illegal Pete’s threw its annual holiday party at the Summit Music Hall. The Other Black, Flaural, Eldren, Brent Cowles, Big City Drugs and more played the party, which chugged through the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Photos by Michael McGrath.