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Download “The Discovery” by Denver’s Mass Praktikal, only in Steal This Track

If you want those, please support the artists by buying their music and/or seeing them live. Reese sets the beat with a live kit, then weaves and layers, swirls and drops all kinds of synthesized and analog sounds around it. Mass Praktikal songs, for the most part, are crisp, fun and invigorating. The full album will be released on Not Art Records on March 27 and available through the usual outlets. Reese as the drummer for the acclaimed post-rock band The Album Leaf, which is not based in Denver. This is an album where Reese’s drums not form the bedrock but also hold a staring role. Now, as Mass Praktikal, he is set to release his debut solo album, titled “To plan is a luxury–to dream, a birthright.” The title is apt because, like much of the Album Leaf catalog, these are instrumental songs with a dreamlike quality. Yes, the result can be a bit chaotic, but it is well orchestrated rather than random. If you’re a Colorado band or musician ready to expose your fresh sounds to the readers of Reverb, email your tracks — along with any interesting facts about them, as well as a photo or album art — to Steal This Track for consideration. But unlike the Album Leaf, these are Reese’s dreams alone, and many are chaotic. Reese is set to release his debut solo album. Sometimes chaos is synonymous with high energy, and that is what’s going on here. Sadly, the release show will be held in Brooklyn. Below, download “The Discovery” by Mass Praktikal. While he may take a bit of a background role, he’s integral to the Album Leaf, giving the often ambient instrumental music a foundation so it doesn’t drift off entirely. We only feature tracks not available for free elsewhere. Please note that downloads offered via Steal This Track are intended to whet your appetite, and are NOT CD-quality recordings. But fingers crossed, there will be Denver dates. The Album Leaf’s Timothy C. (Image courtesy of the artist)
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And unlike a lot of music with an ambient-electronic feel, this music isn’t all moody and hazy. Reese is also a poet, one you could imagine those of the Beat Generation calling their own.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is becoming a movie, and we have questions

You’re the first to hear about this exciting news!”
This “exciting news” left us with a few questions:
1. Oh, 1994 Mariah, take us back to a simpler time. Oh no. We know this isn’t really a question, but we can’t help it; it was our first reaction. Is this going to ruin the song for us? “Every holiday season, there are traditions we can’t live without,” a narrator intones as the trailer opens, and a series of words flash in gold-lettered succession: The tree. It has made Carey a lot of money. Is this supposed to heighten demand for a new season of the singer’s glorious trainwreck of a reality show, “Mariah’s World?” Is it meant to make us forget about the unbearably awkward debacle that was Carey’s performance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve? Why? We turned to the video teaser for clues. 2. Singer/songwriter Mariah Carey performs during the launch of her residency “MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on May 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is it intended to remind us that, once, a long, long time ago, she made this incredibly great song, and she will never, ever, ever let us forget it? Must our cherished nostalgia be transformed into a multi-media empire? And Mariah Carey. The Christmas-dominating pop diva took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that her chart-topping hit is becoming an animated movie, landing in theaters this coming holiday season:
“My song is becoming a movie! The truth is, we love this song. Then the holiday pop goddess herself appears, reclining on a couch in a pearl necklace and plaid flannel pajamas, with a roaring fireplace and a glittering Christmas tree behind her. It played a starring role in the inescapable holiday classic film “Love Actually.” The song has already inspired a book; does it really need to become a cinema spectacle? “There’s just one thing I need.” (To escape, the dog’s eyes scream silently.)
Propped beside them on the couch is a copy of Carey’s children’s book based on the song, which tells the story of a girl who really wants a puppy for Christmas. After all, the song’s lyrics don’t tell much of a story —  they’re a charming mélange of seasonal imagery and romantic yearning. 4. What is the plot, exactly? “I don’t want a lot for Christmas,” she says, clutching a panting terrier who appears to be straining against her grasp. 3. The stockings. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this isn’t a coincidence —  the CGI film will tell the story of a young Mariah who desperately wants a puppy, including some new twists to the book’s simple storyline. It is a tradition we can’t live without, ever since 1994, when a flawless, 20-something Mariah donned a red-and-white knit hat and a puffy snowsuit and pranced around in absurdly fake-looking snow with Santa Claus, and an entire generation of adolescent MTV addicts decided that we wanted to be just like her when we grew up. By Caitlin Gibson, The Washington Post
If you thought you could escape Mariah Carey’s infectious holiday standard “All I Want for Christmas Is You” just because it happens to be March, you’re wrong. (Also, even at the tender age of 12, we knew that song was not about wanting a puppy.)
“All I Want for Christmas” is a relentless hit. The presents. The puppy on the book’s cover strongly resembles the real-life dog on Carey’s couch.

Red Rocks food and beer runs just got a lot easier

A third location, above a permanent concession stand near the southside merchandise booth, will have a full-service bar, Gallery said. “We have to look at things like wait times and lines. It’s not your traditional venue,” said Jordan Bishop, spokesman for Denver Arts & Venues. “Red Rocks is a very special place, but it’s an atypical place. “Our goal is to get them fed and then back to the show.” “We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the customer experience out there.”
Making it happen, though, posed a bit of a logistical challenge for Gallery, a Greenwood Village-based maker of food carts and kiosks. That’s where the crane came in. That means not having to wait in separate lines for food and libations — a new fleet of custom food kiosks installed Tuesday are set up to handle both at the same time. “In order to better satisfy the larger crowds, the carts had to be redesigned to basically mirror your kitchen.”
Gallery designers began working with Denver Arts & Venues in early 2016 on the new Red Rocks carts, which replace a fleet that were first installed 20 years ago, he said. The next time you’re at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, you may not have to climb quite so many stairs to get that bite of food or draft beer you’re craving. You start cutting down on those things and it ultimately improves the customer experience,” Bishop said. Gallery, which recently changed its name from Carts of Colorado, has been making food carts and kiosks for more than 30 years. Portable, a Colorado-based manufacturer of mobile food carts and kiosks, lifts their new food and beverage carts to be installed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in advance of the venue’s 2017 concert season. “The less time in line, the more time enjoying the event — that’s the key.”
Most of the new food carts were installed in the large upper plaza, but a smaller plaza on the venue’s north side near the stage and a south plaza between the stage and the upper plaza also got full-service food and beverage carts. “We just needed to get a crane involved and some winch-and-pulley systems.”

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On Tuesday, crews from Gallery used both to lower about 65 pieces of new food-service equipment into place in the natural amphitheater. Flexibility was also important — the carts’ design will allow the concessionaire to change up the food menu if need be and each location will have draft beer and cocktail capabilities, too. At Red Rocks, the wood-paneled carts were designed withstand the elements and better blend in with the amphitheater’s aesthetics, Gallery said. The city also plans to start posting calorie counts for all items. “As a patron, you’re no longer going to multiple lines to get a burrito in one line and a cocktail in another,” Gallery said. “At Red Rocks, you have to walk all the way up to that upper plaza. Locally, Gallery carts can also be found at Coors Field and Pepsi Center. It was born out of a Chicago-style deli in Denver that grew into a larger catering-style business in need of something more sophisticated than your run-of-the-mill hotdog cart. “Think about a New York City street corner where someone is selling hotdogs. In others, they set up a winch-and-pulley system and lowered the pieces in. If we could find a solution to get some offerings down to the lower bleacher seats that would be great — that’s how the idea got birthed,” said Dan Gallery V, president of the family-owned business. The outdoor music venue will have more full-service food and beverage stations for the upcoming concert season than in years prior. Street tacos are one of the new food offerings being planned for the season, Bishop said. The volume of people isn’t as extensive as it would be at a venue like Red Rocks,” Gallery said. In locations where there was enough room to maneuver, they used the crane.