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Bon Jovi cancelled, but Fort Collins opener the Patti Fiasco plays on

To our understanding, Bon Jovi’s been struggling with bronchitis that’s been heavily affecting his performance. Just his management and representatives from Live Nation. Any plans for what would have been your show at the Pepsi Center on April 14? But with some light googling, it wasn’t hard to figure out what transpired. Did you have any contact with Jon Bon Jovi himself throughout the contest? When did you find out it wasn’t happening? That felt right — so it’s in the works! To be honest, we got calls from fans who received email notifications of the concert cancellation. According to Billboard, Jon Bon Jovi has come down with a bout of bronchitis, which forced the band to back out of its two shows at New York City’s Madison Garden this weekend. Low ticket sales is a good guess, but ultimately, we don’t know. I’m in the midst of a million calls to make something happen in Denver on April 14. It’s a bummer for all our sweet fans flying across the country, driving long hours, taking days off work to come support us a the Pepsi Center. Don’t cancel your flights, don’t change your plans… We’re working on a backup plan and an ultra fun night to celebrate all the love we’ve felt from you all from the beginning of this crazy roller coaster ride to the moment that the cart got a little jolt. Why did the band straight-up cancel instead of just postponing again? MORE TO COME. Related Articles

Bon Jovi picks Fort Collins’ the Patti Fiasco to open its Pepsi Center show

And while it’s a bummer for Bon Jovi fans, it hurts even worse for Fort Collins’ Patti Fiasco, the band that won the right to open for Bon Jovi at its Denver gig. It rescheduled those shows for next week, on either side of the date it was supposed to play in Denver. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! Something big, and hilarious, and celebratory, and rock and roll. Or you squeeze them in your hot toddy and sing your f****** heart out. Why was it called off? I understand that they’re probably dealing with a myriad of logistical complications following the cancellation, but it’s put us in a bit of a strange spot. (Hint: It still involves Denver and a bunch of Bon Jovi songs.)
It’s safe to say fans of yours and Bon Jovi were excited about this show. (Marc Leverette Photography)
Ultimately, Denver’s leg of Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale tour would have been better named This Show Is Not For Sale. The Patti Fiasco isn’t playing for Bon Jovi anymore, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plans on April 14. We’ve reached out to promoter Live Nation and representatives from the band for comment. After postponing its Pepsi Center show, earlier today, Bon Jovi called the gig off entirely with little explanation.   Anything you’d like to say to the fans? (The band’s next confirmed show is at midnight at the Aggie Theatre on April 29, to close out the last day of FoCoMX.)
We emailed Patti Fiasco frontwoman Alysia Kraft to find out what happened with what could have been the show of a life time, and what their new plans are for April 14. I issued this statement on Facebook earlier:
When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them in your eyes for a minute and then you get over it. It might not be the Pepsi Center, but ain’t nobody gonna stop this Patti Parti. No. My friend suggested we recruit our best musician pals to do a set of Bon Jovi covers, and follow it with a fiery Patti Fiasco set. Never underestimate the tenacity of an underdog band with friends in all the right low places. Another show, or…? We haven’t heard a word from Bon Jovi’s management.

Download “Beneath the Floor” by Denver’s the Lollygags via Steal This Track

The songs are well-crafted and executed, but each is so deeply rooted in the classic sounds of rock ‘n’ roll that they all feel familiar. Clearly this is a band out to enjoy itself without stressing out over being entirely novel and original. We only feature tracks not available for free elsewhere. The Lollygags also have a show on April 8 at Pub on Pearl. The song launches with a rock ‘n’ roll guitar riff that would be equally as comfortable in the 1960s as the 1970s or ’80s, then the first line is “Porno is blaring beneath the floor.” (The song is about an obnoxious neighbor.)
Frankly, it’s refreshing to listen to a band that doesn’t take itself so damn seriously. If you’re a Colorado band or musician ready to expose your fresh sounds to the readers of Reverb, email your tracks — along with any interesting facts about them, as well as a photo or album art — to Steal This Track for consideration. And while there are no outright jokes, the lyrics are playful, similar to what one might expect from The Kinks or Cheap Trick. Please note that downloads offered via Steal This Track are intended to whet your appetite, and are NOT CD-quality recordings. Below, download “Beneath the Floor,” then head over to the band’s website to stream or purchase the rest of the EP. If you want those, please support the artists by buying their music and/or seeing them live. The Lollygags, lollygagging. It’s not that The Lollygags’ music is entirely aimless, but there is a casual nature to lyrics and music that could give listeners the impression of dawdling. (Photo provided by the band)
To “lollygag,” we just learned, is to “spend time aimlessly.” It’s an apt name for the Denver band The Lollygags. Take the track “Beneath the Floor,” from The Lollygags’ second, self-titled EP, for example.

Best shows: Bon Iver and Methyl Ethyl

The Man and the pure pop ecstasy of Imagine Dragons. The only constant that carries through from his decade-old debut to 2016’s “22, A Million” is a knack for langue-bending songwriting and his ethereal falsetto, an unmistakable mewl that always sounds stretched to the breaking point. Hear it when Vernon plays Broomfield’s FirstBank Center on April 11. The left-of-center pop group sound every bit the part of future stadium-stompers, finding a niche space between the smart rock of Portugal. First acoustic, then fuzzy rock and now crunching electronic, Vernon has re-invented his sound as his life has re-invented him. See you there, and if you don’t make it out, follow our music musings on Twitter and our selfies on Instagram. If you do, mind where you put your jacket. Tickets: $10 via ticketfly.com. Tickets are $40.95-$60.50 and available via altitudetickets.com. Catch them with Fort Collins’ Slow Caves on Sunday.   (Glenn Ross, The Know)
Bon Iver and Methyl Ethel are our picks for the best shows around Denver this week. But how often do you get to hear a proto-arena band’s sound squeezed into a club the size of a living room? To wit, it’s playing the teensy, 75-person Lost Lake Lounge On April 9. Bon Iver

If the three albums Justin Vernon has released as Bon Iver — an intentionally butchered spelling of the French words for “good winter” — sound like they were written by three different people, that’s not far off. Methyl Ethel

Perth, Australia’s Methyl Ethel is a prime example of today’s over-choked millennial music scene. That said, the band is nowhere near a Pepsi Center gig, or even one at a mid-sized music venue. Bon Iver plays Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Thursday, May 31, 2012.