And me pupa name Chronicle Spanish Town original
Well me say uptown posse beg you rock and come in
Me say downtown posse beg you rock and come in
And the whole of Brooklyn under royal regime
Dat a weh me come from
Hail Jah mon, Spanish Town me born
A Spurlina inna me goody so me well physical
And a the one Kenny Meez him under royal regime
Spanish Town groovy
Spanish Town groovy
And a we a di real Microphone officials
How me fi left me woman and a sproll wid machine
(Yow you a hear me let in all the yute dem
Spanish Town Rocking

Come push up your hand dem under royal regime
Well a settle Max Glazer and che Federation
To me Muma name Nana a Spanish Town original
Over Prison Oval
Over Prison Oval
No cigarette nuh deh yah, just strictly the green
Weh nuh have no money promoter weh you a deal wid
Ragga muffin pupa Chronixx microphone official
Cyaa whine me goody pon no old 14
Everybody nice

And meditate in the morning so me well spiritual
Hear me now
I said original Chronixx representing from Prison Oval

[Verse 1]
[Verse 2]
From you look inna me face you see a De La Vagan
Gi dem a new style
Voicing out like a siren

And me haffi bring me woman cause a royal regime
Everybody nice
And me cyaa dance wid no M16
I grew up inna a place called Ensom City
Come hug up you woman under royal regime
Ragga Muffin Max Glazer under royal regime
Spain Town original and me navel string cut over Spanish Town Hospital
I grew up inna place called De La Vega
Me read me bible everyday A so me well Biblical
Memba say the King of Kings done crown wid di Queen
Me say tell Maxine, Paulette and Paulene
And a Muffin pupa Chronixx under royal regime
Dem call har sticker caah she don’t normal
Spanish Town Rocking
Fi har grandson Chronixx a she field marshall
If a dancehall school we a di principal

Live and direct, hear me now
Bring your little pickney cause me lyrics dem clean
Spanish Town well large and we royal
And me granny name Peggy Spanish Town original
No alcohol nuh deh yah, just strictly spirulin’
Strictly roots and culture play pon I station
You nuh see the dance done ram already)
And a the whole Federation under royal regime
And a tell dem puppa Chronixx him deh yah pon di scene
I grew up inna a place called Ensom City
I grew up inna place called De La Vega