Despacito’s first place in tops seems to be outrunned by
Rihanna’s and Dj Khaled‘s song, Wild thoughts. After 9 weeks
in the first place, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber’s
song Despacito could be unseated by the end of this week. On today’s chart update Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts seems to be
leading with only 1300 sales. Wild thoughts is battling for 1-st place with Despacito
Wild thoughts is battling for 1-st place with Despacito.
The first song was his collaboration with Justin Bieber
at the song I’m the one. If this happens it means that Dj Khaled it’s gonna be
for the second time number 1 on the official singles chart. Bieber it’s like a cat, always lands
on his feet, always on the top or in the top :). Meanwhile it seems that Calvin Harris steps up a place,
hiting a new peek, top 3, climbing up one place. Jonas Blue’s
song Mama is staying solid on 5.