Sting of the turtle, scream of the fly,
Sense of madness the native must try. Find me the answer, don’t look for the lie,
Show me the fables, just hold them on high. Don’t be alarmed, don’t you show fear,
Alien followers with forests to clear. Some live by the needle, others sniff a line,
They’re killing each other on tv –
Happens all the time. I’m livin’ in the future,
Come from the age of steam,
No way of getting back there,
Got to live in this bad dream. Four letter triads with strength to remain
Gone and forgotten again and again and again. Beer tastes like soda, women curse like men,
Wish I was back in the age of steam,
Wish I was back again. Help us, help us, help us! Livin’ in the future
Come from the age of steam
Don’t know what’s goin’ on round me
It’s like living in a bad dream.