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The new food you’ll find at Broncos games for the 2017-2018 season We asked a range of newsroom staffers — from twentysomethings to baby boomers, singles to spouses, LGBTQ, child-rearing and childless, senior editors to interns — to craft their ideal date nights in the Denver area, so when your Perfect Partner comes rolling through town, you won’t be so stressed out with the planning. Finally, finish off at a fancy cocktail bar, like Hudson Hill. — Graham Ambrose

Dylan Owens, Music EditorThe objective of a date night is to hark back to the days when your SO wasn’t your SO yet. Just not Broncos games. Tell her to meet you at a specific bench at a nearby park. With high pressure and endless options, a date can be a burden before it even begins. You are nervous that your partner won’t enjoy the food; unsure about whether the concert will be good; anxious about a million little things that ultimately define the feel of the night. Date night illustration by Jeff Neumann, The Denver Post. Do so, and apologize for how terrible the drawing is. With some friendly crowd-sourcing, crafting that ideal night out on the town doesn’t have to be daunting. After hitting all the rides, take a photo in your prom clothes in front of a bunch of snickering teenagers to show your date that you don’t care who in the world knows that you love her; post it on Instagram, tagging her ex-boyfriend. Check out these full-night options. Tell her you felt a selfie wouldn’t suffice for her beauty, and that you need to sketch her. Cheers your drinks, and do that thing where you intertwine arms before you sip. But have no fear. Then, hand her a blindfold and ear muffs and hail a car (nothing’s sexier than responsibility). Then, grab dinner at a place that’s quick and fun, like Avanti, Finn’s Manor or Star Kitchen, depending on her vibe. Then, give us your ideal night on social media using #datenightdenver. You’ll be sitting on a stool at an easel in front of the bench. If she hasn’t left at this point, congrats: This one’s a keeper.Time: 6 hoursCost per person: $60

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Date night can be tough. On a first date, you’re expected to hit it off with a complete stranger. Head to Lakeside Amusement Park, but don’t let her take off the blindfold or earmuffs — not until you’re both seated in the Cyclone, Lakeside’s rickety, 75-plus-year-old roller coaster that’s scary for the wrong reasons. Ask the bartender to make a drink for her based on her favorite things: watermelon, unicorns and heavy metal. In a marriage, you’re tasked with finding fun outside the everyday routine. The situation doesn’t always get easier with time.