Just go home you’re not me
God speed, god speed
Everything god speed, everything god speed
None of y’all niggas working
I been waiting
Make her walk knock-kneed

Now they call for the clique-up
You want pressure, let’s start
Foreign tires on the freeways
So if you gon’ be anything, don’t let it be in vain
Everything top speed, man everything god speed
Heard you got a million followers, but you still not a leader
I really swam with the sharks
‘Cause I’m tryna plant my seeds
Yep, damn, she a eater, I gotta feed her
Still not high up as God be
I need a ring at top speed
I gave ’em all a head start
[Verse 1: Price]
My real pops from the G’s
Turn your main into a swallower
God speed, god speed
New chain, god speed
God speed, god speed
Secure the bag, god speed
She fell in love, god speed
I seen ’em switch the second you shoot and miss
My step-pops from the PJs

Young Price, he a knowledge-seeker
[Chorus: Price]
And chew it to pieces if it ain’t no piece inside of my puzzle
And everywhere I go they say "You the one the Lord chose"
Got roll-up, got tree
Airline alone top three
I never changed, I ain’t gotta meet her
She fell in love, god speed
So I don’t entertain bottom-feeders
My life fast, god speed
My top speed god speed, nothing faster than that
I done watched niggas switch up during crunch time when the shit rough
Ooh shit so disturbing
Ever since then, everything god speed
Secure the bag, god speed
But even Kobe went for five rings, and Jordan went for six
Faith alone won’t get you home
Yeah I’m always on my toes, somewhere blowing O’s
[Verse 2: Oktane]
He say "Point the enemies out and we going straight through ’em"
Living legend, game seven, just my squad in the middle
Need everything, god speed
Middle-finger to the non-believers
Respected by the Damu’s
And we done got it from the mud, we done seen the rain
It’s gangsters all around me
But one thing I kept: heart
I know these streets, I don’t need ways
New chain, god speed
Yeah you’ll get rearranged, game make people change
Every time I see your face you got a new team, you got a new jersey
All my dogs bite hard, they should ride with a muzzle
But I just wanna live in peace
You gon’ need [?]
I ain’t even gotta meet her
I live it up, god speed
I lost ends, lost friends
For God’s sake, golly
My life fast, god speed
It’s all lions, never silent when we ride through the jungle
Need everything, god speed
Shallow women scared of love, they felt deeper pain
I live it up, god speed
Hair longer than long, skin blacker than black
I hit "Ignore" I don’t pick up
I get love from the Keyways
So I just pray to ’em, they ask "What he say to ya?"