[?] on my list still
Going up the flow is the bed and the bill is the floor to me

Yea this feel like victory
More wins more wins
It’s a lot of things I don’t say
Came way too far
Divine design
Came way too far
Young fugee where the Ms Hill
You know that made [?] run away
More wins
All of the hardship that became [?] nevermind
Soul searching for the face of God
Fast forward now me and my wifey sittin’ on foreign seats
Like for who you are not what you do

Use faith

A lot of new music out I just listen to mine
You may not understand it now
I mean wet vegan burritos and smoothies I’m livin’ different
But you’ll get it in time
Woah chains all on the kids still
But let you loose we need more
Came way too far
That’s why you’re always blind
I’ve done a lot of wrong shit
More wins more wins
I [?] a lot of niggas [?] too long
The only black man in the courtroom out of [?]
Unless you really gonna stay
So don’t tell me unconditional
My pops just ran and the little bro in the pen
‘Cause life’s a hood movie whenever your pigment’s different
I said okay
See my demons don’t play
Can’t let them get to me
Yea this feel like victory
And don’t worry for me I’m fine
More wins more wins
You’ll lose every time
Until I look into your eyes and I see victory

This feel like victory
Or you’ll never find
Throw Celine on you just to show you it ain’t no mystery
[Verse 2: Oktane]
I’m already gone
I come from darkness
That’s a girl you met a woman today
You walk by sight not by faith
Can’t let them get to me
Can’t let them get to me
Carried weight on my back for too long
It’s bittersweet how my story read
More wins more wins

This message is from 3099
Blowin’ trees to awaken my [?}
I told her don’t play with my emotions
Lookin’ over my city and I see victory
Came way too far
This feel like victory
I see you’re the one I gotta prove wrong
Can’t let them get to me
She said you try for people
[Verse 1: Price]
Less stress less friends
That don’t fuck with you
She interrupted and said
More wins more wins
Took the IE to South Africa we made history