Hair stand up on my arm cause my wrist cold
Tats in my skin, racks in my purse
Talking shit off in my comments
Like, ten bands, fifty bands got all kind of dough
Why you bitches penniless, you rode a Bentley yet?
You scared while I’m in town
You can’t find a plate
You still riding coach now bitch, I’m on the private jet
Down with the win now I’m getting to it
5 lawyers handling my case, it keep me free to work
Bitches hear I’m laying where they stay
But I’m still roaming free bitch when you see me bitch don’t dap me
He was talkin’ down, I made his girl put it in reverse
I’m on my spend whatever shit
Got popped for blowing gas after court
And shit it could be worse
Spend the money like I never lift the peddle up
But my bank account is straight

So I don’t pay attention to the price
I’m just tryn get these bands
Garage feelin’ haunted ain’t no spirits I just copped a ghost
She a finesse, easy for her to cop a check bitch
I don’t know you hoes, I ain’t tryna hang with ya
Take my Rollie off before the fame make that bitch fold
Here’s the addy, you should pop up

Now they scared, wanna lock doors, runnin’ up this place
Keep adding up now this knot can’t fit in my hands
Broke hoe, your record deal worth 11 bucks
All these brands wanna give me checks, I put something on it 50 bands, not a penny less
Dealing with probation, got no life

You cannot relate, I been eating good
You better run it like a track meet
Sit these hoes pockets just for talking reckless
Fuck the ops, run a lil hoe out her socks
I ain’t worried bout no mad hoes, I ain’t worried bout no hoe
Lesson learned, now to tell your friends, I’m not the one
People tryna violate me so I keep my convo short
Somebody tell these hoes to get a life
Got deals on the line (pssh!) bitch you stupid 600 hundreds, what’s that 60 bands?
I was 6 figure rich now, I’m 7 up
Tryna partner with my daddy

Ain’t here to play no games wit ya
My ex bestie leaked my number and my addy sharing info with the courts
I got money like I’m trappin’, but I been left the block though
Or I’ll be running on your heels
Smack her down then it’s over, yeah that neck done