Say, our day ones sell drugs

I’m that nigga that they keep yappin’ ’bout
I know these niggas want me dead now
That’s not who you supposed to glorify
And they don’t run the streets like that
They’re just causes that have been dealt
Don’t want to mess with me and progress
And if she coming with me then you know she want it how I want it
But don’t get shit twisted
I would never sell drugs if I didn’t feel like that was absolutely necessary
You know, a brand new whip
And if you see a Bently then my nigga probably own it
You know she intregged by a young nigga
And if you rocking with me then niggas better show it
I’ma speak the truth bout these niggas in the booth
I got killers riding with me, right up under my arms
No, no
She want it how I want it
I know they love me like I love ’em too
And first duece
I bet you tryna’ be my friend now
Yeah I’m just being honest
You know what I’m saying?
A DJ Quik, I throw the beat like that
You know what’s up fool
You know what I’m talm ’bout?
And if my heart getting cold then it might turn black
We with the white folks eating all the good food
You’re supposed to glorify something that happens
Ha, she see a nigga shining
I actually wouldn’t glorify you being gangster

I’m just being honest
I just bought a Benz with some millage
This is just how we do shit over you here
I’m not trying to impress anybody
I’ma let it loose
That’s on my moms
And if I’m on the road then I’ll be right back
Nyne Six
Cause they don’t got the juice like that
Look, and listening to 50 I just had to get up on it
Hat to the back yeah they’ll dodge us
You know, I guess we just some kind of neutral thing going on
You know what I’m saying
I got the world all on my palms
You know?
I’m leaving messages on unread now
And if it ain’t the hood, I ain’t comfortable

This is just the situations that just happen
I’m the no scope nigga

You know what’s happening
How you feel ’bout that?
How you feel ’bout that?

You feel me?
[Verse 2]
No, no
[Verse 1]
I got the city painted red now