But the biggest overall miss was the size of the footprint. Anti-Doping Agency when you invited Lance Armstrong to bring his webcast to the race. We will obviously talk to NBC — we have a contractual obligation to talk with NBC — but I think in the age of YouTube and cellphone technology and crowd-sourcing, maybe there is a different model. “I do not have the answer to that question. Although I did miss someone screaming “he’s a wattage cottage!”
“That had never been done before. It was a good call and a mistake.”
DP: Did you ever ponder challenging USADA’s demand to yank Lance from the sponsored race coverage? Some of these cities do not want to put the budget out every year, but if they can do it every other year they can still get the benefit, plan it out, use their budgets for other things. Now that you’ve decompressed and absorbed the race, is the runway still long? But it will not be in the Springs or Breckenridge. Related Articles

Velorama Colorado festival face-plants on first ride in RiNo

Beers, Bikes and Bands: Your guide to RiNo’s Velorama Colorado festival

Want a huge music festival in your backyard? How can you fix TV for next year? It was a better economic model for the cities, with a better bed base and the restaurants fill up. I think it’s inspiring to have all women announcers. That was a real challenge for the team because I think the city worked hard to make sure we didn’t hurt businesses or inconvenience homeowners and that was a heavy, heavy lift for the team. “Yeah we are working our tail off right now to solidify that and I think it will happen. It’s good because it’s cool to do something bold and ambitious and I’m proud of that. I think that’s more modern and reflective to what America is about, you know.”
DP: You got sideways with the U.S. We are going to talk to Vail and Aspen and many other communities to and see if they are interested.”
DP: It was fun having women announcers, with Olympian Kristin Armstrong and Susie Wargin. Tell us. Better for the audience and spectators because they see the riders multiple times. The six-man team worked out to be good too. It was a little more interesting and a little less predictable. Green Day defends performance following acrobat’s death at music festival in Spain

It’s official: Denver approves massive 3-day music festival by Superfly that will start in 2018

Thirdly, I think RiNo turned out to be a big success. We have not gotten final numbers yet. I’m not an expert on that. Richardson, The Denver Post)
DP: So there will be a next year? They like the every-other-year model and that’s been our plan since the start. Ike Warner, 16 months, tries to remove his ear muffs as he dances with his mom, Lizzie Schoon, as The New Pornographers perform during Velorama Colorado on August 11, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. “We didn’t want to fight that fight. How much would that save? Still, he came and he wasn’t required to come.”
DP: Like the Pro Challenge, the race was plagued with television coverage issues, with relay planes grounded and lost signals. I think the racing was a home run. But I do think there’s another model out there besides NBC. The magic that we wanted to create where you see the music and hear the music and see the activity and the expo and you see the bike racers, we didn’t create that magic because the footprint was too big and that’s kind of the most disappointing thing.”
DP: Heading into the race you said your investment team “had a long runway” and they were willing to be patient as the race develops. We heard that loud and clear and I think we proved that. I don’t know what that model is. In general the feedback we got was that restaurants were busy, business was generally good.”
DP: What didn’t work? I thought I’d miss Dave Towle, but the women were great. DP: So you said there were “three distinct successes” for your debut year? Was that a good call or a mistake? There was great energy and excitement and I think the music alone was very, very successful. You would think that’s where things are going to go. What about drones? “Yeah. I got there on Friday night and we had really, really long beer lines. But the feedback has been excellent. The first ever Velorama Colorado kicked off on Friday night with a performance by Wilco and the New Pornographers. If we can attract more women to the sport and get more young girls to pay attention that’s pretty cool. They could shut us down. “The challenges, for sure there were plenty of problems with the logistics. Maybe we get a ton more motorcycles. We had logistical challenges that the team responded, too — certainly not perfectly but the beer lines and the restroom situation was better on Saturday than it was on Friday. We said we were going to do it differently for an American audience. Bring the costs down and bring the quality of the coverage up. (Seth McConnell, The Denver Post)

A couple weeks after the inaugural running of the Colorado Classic, race chairman Ken Gart is making plans for next year with tweaks to the size of the Velorama Festival in RiNo, new host cities in the mountains and, perhaps, a new television model. David (Koff, the race co-founder) knows more about that stuff. Secondly, the music festival was very positive as well. Back to the history of the Pro Challenge, we thought that was something that worked better. People seemed to like that. But ironically that’s something that cannot only be fixed, but we can save a boatload of money because if we put up less barricades … we will dramatically reduce our footprint and that will be a much better experience. For sure the footprint will be shrunk in RiNo. Our feedback from the RiNo’s Brewers Association … is that every single person wanted it back next year. I think point-to-point racing is not as interesting for an American audience and we proved that because we did circuits. We had port-a-potty problems. It’s a hard one. In south Denver, some neighbors cringe while others embrace the idea. I think every investor is excited about what we did. “Number one was the race. Which is both good and bad. “I can say both of those are true. (Helen H. Sponsors too, they seem to be universally wanting to do more.”
Manuel Senni, (BMC Racing Team), center, celebrates his win of the Colorado Classic bike race with Serghei Tvetcov, (Jelly Belly), left, taking second and Alex Howes, (Cannondale Drapac Professional) taking third, right, on August 13, 2017 in Denver. But the scale was big that is created some flaws, because we had trouble executing with that footprint. I think we have opportunities here to look at other models.” Not doing the podium girls was another thing. It was just too large. To get from expo to the start-finish to another area all the way to the Flea and the music stage … it was just way too big. The one thing that was most universal is that people were amazed by the scale and the ambition of the project. But everybody has been very positive. We are broadcasting at a higher elevation than any other race in the world. Most importantly we can fix all those problems easily for next year. The race got a huge amount of accolades.