Cyhi told me how to deal with the writers block
One name on it, bring the beat to me I’ma come skate on it
Had a little song I was gonna put first but boy, god damn, this an intro now
Riding through the city with the windows down
Know they wanna hang, but we hanging them out to dry
Funny how it all works out
Now the whole city ’bout to get burnt down
Right back to it never left though
So I turned this motherfucker to a pole vault
Heard that you was talking ’bout him right there
When the sun goes down I’ma creep up on it
She don’t listen to the lyrics, but she fuck with my voice
Guess he never seen this shit coming
Premier shorty, turn me on like she hit the reset on me
Something like Timmy, I’ma one-take on it
Except for that week I had strep throat
Chicken finger plate for the road, dog
Boy, I know this shit’s hot, no one takes on it
Last life, know I had to beat it down
Know this shit boom when we come down south and I had to bring my own Lil Metro
I ain’t really fucking with you hype beasts
Only thing I’m trying to do is keep this shit jumping
Your boyfriend a tool, that’s a Kobalt
Even when it’s really something they could come to enjoy
Ain’t nobody in my class, check the role call
When I’m in the booth, make the snow fall
I got one-hundred situations that I want to exploit and I’ma do it
Like a thief in the night, finna pick your pockets
She a little older, then think she be coming
Right before I did this, I was feeling burnt out
Baptized, every time
I don’t hang ten, I’m ten toes down
Boy I swear to god you better switch pronouns
I don’t really be in no shindigs
Heard that you was working on a mixtape
Told me that we living different lives right now
That’s right, riding through the city on my
I ain’t been happy since 13
When I graduated, it was recess for me
Bring the beat back like the overalls
Got me thinking maybe I was thinking inside the box
I don’t ride waves, I don’t switch no sound
If you looking for the flows or the hits, I got it
2for’s on it, man the kid psychotic
All these frat boys won’t fuck with the boy
Really though, I put it on everything
Last night, when she leave the crib she get
Now we in the house, finna bring it around the block
Really you can keep it like the coleslaw