Doing fraud, I heard that money good in Colorado
Kodak Bock I don’t milly rock, I don’t dougie
My Glock got a dick, I even pee with it
Yah, going up, talk with Nene
So I advise you find you something safe to do
Do your homework, or I beat with it
Every show I do now look like the Apollo
I’m running through ya hoes, running in ya door
Free my nigga locked up, eating sloppy joe
I just dropped a album, Project Baby Two
Put my BM in my BM used to drive a pump baby
I got snakes in my gucci, I’m a Python
I threw away the glove but I kept the ski
Thugging with my res on
Shawty said she love me
I be posted on the slab, selling slab
I ain’t no selfish nigga so my whole team winning
Got me reminiscing ’bout my life when I ain’t had no money
I can’t keep my cool, I won’t let it snow
And I ain’t rescuing no hoe, I’m a keep pimpin’
It’s a XD, boy don’t test me
I got a son now, my little baby two
Cause I keep the fire on and I got a firearm
On top of that, I got a son, my little baby two
I just got me a brand new glizzy
Probably playing spades, probably playing dominoes
Just drunk a whole fifth, smoked a ounce of weed
I just bought a new Glock, cost me three fifty
I just bought a new Glock, generation four
I’m grippin’ on my tool, I won’t let it go
Project baby pull up on a nigga no Huggie
A new Glock that’s a nine, Rajon Rondo
Hot sauce but my leg is chill, eating rice with honey
Almost threw away my life
I ain’t Superman, I ain’t savin’ you
Cause I got a [?] gotta make em choose
I used to let these niggas down so I sleep with it
I just bought a new wraith and it’s baby blue
And I put a green bean in it
My gun ain’t on safety, I won’t play with you
You will never catch me tryna dab
If you run up on me, nigga flaming you
I left stems in it, but I threw away the seeds
Kodak Bock I don’t do the nay-nay
I got snakes in my closet but not in my yard
I don’t leave my team waiting
I be tryna chase my dreams but I be fighting demons
I’m on house arrest but I won’t be home
Snakes on my collarbone but not in my lando
I get reckless nigga
Remember eating hot cheetos with sweet n low
Got me running through this door like chain on eskimos