Free Tommy that boy
On my grind imma heat up I know imma get my moment
Head nappy still boul
You can hear me on my horn
I’ll be fine I endured it
Promises got broken and my house was full of smokers
Moving careful I think bitches gon [???] I ain’t wrong
Tryna nourish I think niggas tryna pull beside the car
Stomach growl [???]
Know my family disappointed
Can’t remember I was on how I end up here I’m drawin
4 grams
Wasn’t tryna get sentenced forty
Bitches joked I had an odor
Needed gas in the buick
I ain’t tripping keep it pushing
Said shit aw they ain’t book me
Had my doses now I’m floating

Had grams use to take me like a day to get it all
Move fast getting to it
Smoke gas I’m cooling
New approach I’m getting notice should I smoke and keep on smoking
I’m from Sharpneck [???]
Primetimes is my stories
Me and niggas by my porch
And I hope to keep it going I was posting till it’s gone
Mom and her friends smoking it was 10s now its 30s
Paranoid so I hate when niggas walking towards me dog
Wasn’t thinking bout no jewelry
At the park with the bullies
Saving paper for a lawyer
Hard times i’m avoiding
Got a plan I’m focused 4 grams i’ll smoke it
In my bag i’m cooking
When I grabbed they had to push it
10 dunt they gon pull us
Can’t lie when I move into my spot had I moment
Rip them off he a rookie
Wasn’t feeling out no form giving three for 25
Use the park don’t you push us
Come natural I don’t force
Better off without that bitch and I’m glad we fell off
Can’t walk smoking cookies
I was tryna heal scars but I can’t [???]
And my style ain’t normal fuck behind go forward
Dimes of hard to the oils
It was dark dodging bullets
Got a plan I’m focused 4 grams i’ll smoke it
Niggas strong or i’m runnin off tryna see tomorrow
I don’t even know her woke up at her house around morn
Eat bologna sandwich in the dark lights got cut off
Wanted to cry for all the time when he was off and it was snowing
These crabs keep pulling
Made my choices I was wrong
Bust traps black tourist
Niggas over talk for pussy
4 grams
I was mad cause they looking