In other words, I’m off the meat rack
I’m an uncooked slab of beef layin’ on your kitchen floor
Oh no, I won’t back down, oh no
How you douchebags feel knowin’ you’re disposable?
[Verse 3: Eminem]
These other cats ain’t metaphorically where I’m at, man
I’ma measure my dick—shit, I need six inches more
Hittin’ licks like I’m robbin’ liquor stores
I’ll drink gasoline and eat a lit match
Does Lil’ Wayne slurp ‘zurp Does a bird chirp?
Oh no, I won’t back down, oh no
I’m ready for combat, man!”
So hit the dance-floor, cutie, while I do my duty
Psych! I’m spikin’ you like a football
You can fence in your yard
You ain’t got a lick in yours
But I won’t back down
You’re a good catch with a shitty spouse
What’s the saying? Where there’s thunder, there is light-
‘Cause they fuckin’ go bananas
But I won’t back down
Girl, shake that ass like a donkey with Parkinson’s
Better call the cops on him quick, fast
You can call out your guards
Get it? Calm Batman, nah
That I don’t need the fuckin’ swine flu to be a sick pig?
And said: “Settle your fuckin’ ass down!
What I do, I do at will
You can sound the alarm
And you can bet your stankin’ ass
Turn me back up! Are you insane?!
Split a half a pill and a Happy Meal
I’m a shit stain on the underwear of life
You can call out your guards
Swear to God, man, these broads can’t dance
Baby, crank the shit, ’cause it’s your goddamn jam
You’re addicted, I’m dope
And step on the receipt ‘fore I foot the bill
Got a pretty mouth and a good jaw

Tryin’ to talk over me in the car
Who’s knockin’ at your door, people hit the floors

You can hold all the cards
[Verse 2: Eminem]
Fuck, my dick’s big, bitch, need I remind you
But I won’t back down

Ain’t nobody who’s as bomb and as nuts
Lines are like Mom’s CAT-scans
Half a breath left on my death-bed
[Hook: Pink]
Fuck a steak slut, I’ll cut my toes off
Give me good brain, watch the wood-grain
Does a word search get circles wrapped around it
I gave Bruce Wayne a Valium
I’m the longest needle around here—need a fix, ock?
You’re just small pokes, little pricks
Tryin’ to turn me down, slut, I’m talkin’ to you
Fork was in the road, took the psycho path
Makin’ cash registers shit their drawers
‘Til he burps and smoke purp?
With Chris’s force like you pissed him off
You can call out your guards
Bet you that you’ll never guess
You can call out your guards
Ma, show them how it’s done
Think you spit the rawest?
Girl, I’m too for real, lose your tooth-and-nail
In three different locations on four separate occasions?

You said that you want your punchlines a little more compact—well, shorty, I’m that man
Spaz like a goddamn Taz, yeah
I’m the shit—why you think Proof used to call me "Doody"?
But I won’t back down
Girl, forget remorse, I’ma hit you broads
Brain-dead rims, yeah, stupid wheels
Honey, I applaud that ass
Yeah, tonight, ladies, you gonna get divorced
Shut the fuck up while my shit’s playin’!
When I’m on the mic
[Verse 1: Eminem]
Girl, you think that other prick’s hot?
[Hook: Pink]
Shady’s got the mass appeal
Talented with the tongue, mothafucka
Before I sit back and let him get hotter
Like you do when I come through?
You can sound the alarm
Oh, you’re the kind of girl that I could take a likin’ to
[Hook: Pink]
-ning and they say that it never strikes twice in the same place, so how the fuck have I been hit six times
I’d like you to remind yourself of what the fuck I can do
[Hook: Pink]
Oh no, I won’t back down, oh no

You can hold all the cards

Trailer hitch attached to the back, dispatch
White trash with a half a six-pack in his hatchback
Listen, garden tool, don’t make me introduce you
Been this way since I stood a foot tall
Shady’s right back on your bitch-ass
You can sound the alarm
Don’t want no cum stain—bitch, you listenin’?
We can chill Baby, what the deal?
You can hold all the cards
You can sound the alarm
Screaming, “F that!” – yeah, super-ill

You can hold all the cards
Fox is in your drawers Make like Michael J.
Bitch, am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rappin’?
To my power tool, you know the fuckin’ drill
On this microphone; shake your booty, shorty!
Oh no, I won’t back down, oh no
Summer’s Eve, Massengill
That I’ve come to smash everything in my path
Cadillac Sevilles, coupe DeVilles
Bring the beat back, bring in two extension cords
Poison Ivy wouldn’t have me thinkin’ rash
I’m the big shot—get it, dick-snots?
Playin’ with an etch-a-sketch
You can fence in your yard
You can fence in your yard
You can fence in your yard
Shootin’ from the hip, yeah boy, I shoot to kill
Tryna fight it, try to deny it, stupid you will feel