[Verse 1: Ralo]
Tell them haters go and team up
I created my own wave
Then fucked every Instagram model
Know that they would never steal
Made millions still in the hood
Bitch i’m eating like a fat man
I fucked everything that look good
We in Lil Cali and Pakistan
None of these rappers don’t stand a chance
My trunk and my hood
Do anything for them racks
[Intro: Ralo & Lil Baby]
I used to trap on the bike
It cost seven thousand [?]
I made a [?]
Hope they get out on they appeal
Found the plug then I took a flight
Free the gang
I just re’d up with five hundred bands
Give a damn what they say
Niggas do anything for a name
These niggas out of control
Ralo tell them where we at
Watch cost twenty-one thousand
I ain’t never going back
I’m pourin’ act out the bottle
Z06 back to back
I know they never gon’ lie to me
But they know i’m getting paid
I used to sleep with that k
You cannot mention my name without bragging
Ralo tell them where we at
Had a Philippe
I’m in the booth catching play
We in the spot
And it’s on fleek
I used to sleep with the jay
Different bitches with me every night
Better stay up out my lane
Have you ever spent a million dollars?
I jump out the Lamb and I jump in the wagon

Look, I hit the club and embarrass them niggas
I can’t never get it right
Me and Ralo really selling packs for real
Taking chances selling packs
Lamborghinis and them cats

Got the game air tight
Way before I knew Savage

Ay Lil Baby what we doing nigga?
[Verse 4: Lil Baby]
Die for me
Me and Lil Baby the niggas they wanna be
We carry them pistols and having them issues
Then I finally got it right
They just be hating’ on me right in front of me
I’m trying to live my life
Turned to a brick
We in Lil Cali and Pakistan
Hold up Hold up switch it up a lil bit
Tell Lil Baby we gon’ be alright
I don’t need a bitch for a lap dance
I told my daughter don’t marry these niggas
I had to earn my stripes
Now i’m ballin’ like i’m Mike
Ballin’ with no budget and I ain’t got no deal
[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
Me and young Ralo
Living life so lavish
(Hold up) What you gonna do?
Let me slow it down a lil bit
I’m a dog but I never bite
You a bitch you juwanna mann
I promise I already know
I seen them ops come clean up
Sit in jail, do the time for me
Screamin’ free Joc and Lil Lotto
Four pockets on full
That’s on my right wrist
We making hits
I’m make sure every one of them eat

Four pockets
We set the trends you can follow
I’m on that bullshit taking chains
They gone tell you that I been turnt up every time a nigga seen us
That shit changed my life
Got the trap on the back street
Sold a hundred packs last week
Cook that shit up Quay
I know all these niggas hate
I had to wrong my rights
I had to earn my stripes
Niggas be getting, fucking for the fame
Bust it down Roley on my right
FAM Goon
We ain’t going out without a fight
I know my niggas gon’ ride for me
I could never be average
Made a whole mil off a vacuum seal
Hold up Hold up Lil Baby
I been getting fetty popping all these pills
Like a vacuum seal
I got more money than you and your daddy
Compared to these niggas you better than niggas
Boy I do anything for the game
Me and Ralo back to back
You know that lil nigga Ralo been havin’
Love my dogs
Nigga you ain’t have to ask me
You ain’t the boss you a runner man

They think I came up overnight
Make [?] do the running man

[Verse 3: Ralo]