So we gotta slide through a warship (Warship, nigga)
You gonna add the bylaws to the deep [?] abortion
[Verse 1]
Beginning to be branded in the streets of Cali

The thirst of the church is formless
I’m billowing out of the cartel pipes
All of this predicated on my mind false so I’m lost
Killing off their offspring because they declare me very ugly
And part ways to spend a day with a [?] breather
The captain [?] a repetitive number as it echoed in our dream tally
I disturb the coveted additions
Driver we need you, there’s been a power outage at the barber’s college
I forfeit the [?] for some court-ordered warlord’s wish
Where the debt is bottomless
A taste of scourge for the world deserves contritions
Over any threats like [?] poisons to ingest
[Verse 2]
And the ward council where I board the mouthful of prayers
If I’m prepared, yeah, they’re also sworn, the oath was worn
So let’s really be honest, I’ll definitely [?] the fuck off, yes I promise
The apples were bitten, combustible cataclysms get a revision

(What you gonna do with that pain?)
And they embrace my perfect weapon
Undercurrents of our purpose and vision
I’m billowing out of the cartel pipes
Further benevolence of the cultural norms, I wrote for the swarm
Of the African-American identity polemic
I’m billowing out of the cartel pipes
When the eugenics push, I avoided the synthetics with a kemetic push
It’s too late to be beautiful

But it jives to the [?] were dormant, [?] with a search warrant
I’ve been [?] the rhythm of a seance leader

[Verse 3]
But no kink of an armor guard the solace for your popcorn [?]
I’m at the abortion clinic with an Aryan yuppie
Burden of a sorceress so warm but the [?] get it
Cause his styles keep the surface spinnin’
What you gonna do with that pain, pain?
What you gonna do with that pain?
(What you gonna do with that pain?)

Zombie report the shakers of an online megastructure
Psycho-kinetic gush, yeah
What you gonna do with that pain?
Itemize the criminal element
I’m billowing out of the cartel pipes
In a beautiful array of visual effects and cynical text
It’s like a [?] nerve pinchin’, nerd listen
Check me out, I’m back
(What you gonna do with that pain?)
I’ve been to the hood, being where I’m from [?] Merv Griffins
Working from the largest company in the world
Or nobody in the 83rd [?] curb spittin’
And you should [?] but in the hard [?] hard models
From an international [?] columnist
And deep precision of the [?]
But it’s like your energy’s way off the meter