Gets us so cold we’ll murk niggas
Pain builds maturity, don’t you be worried G
Well, shit, niggas be hating, it just occurred to me
That’s why niggas be shooting, but not how Curry be
I keep a even mind but gotta know the reason why
I’d rather ask first
Got a lot of fucking questions dawg
I work, get up early to earn the first letter
Tell me why these niggas pride is bigger than they work effort
But look, ain’t no one heard of me
Niggas be pussy, they looking Kirby pink
Yeah, cause I got a lot of questions
Wow this chow run this track for more than a mile
What’s a thought, my nigga?
But won’t serve witcha’
I got questions
They gat blow, turn your afro to a perm nigga
These niggas ain’t really sure of me, I ain’t certain G
Great (woo!)
But I’m gon’ be what I deserve to be
I ask questions
I’m sure nigga, but that same nigga that’ll purge with you will turn in your name to the god damn services
Certainly, sure to be, a current king
Open your mouth, jaws to the floor
It’s an emergency, rap need a savior
Then buried me, and couldn’t be found
I got questions
I don’t wanna second guess shit
High enough to pluck bird feathers, ice berg lettuce
She just wants the cock, I’m not really sure
They doubt me currently even with Cole referring me
And that’s the reason why that you gon’ have a seasoned mind
Case closed like someone murdered me
My nerves messed up, I burn better, the herbs get us

A+ effort, I know I deserve better

Yea, ain’t no one heard of me
Bad at they struggle, but don’t hustle to earn cheddar
He gone teach your ass a lesson, but ain’t gon’ learn witcha’
Got a motherfucking question dawg
That’s why I always call before I ever knock on the door
We don’t think, nigga
And I think that I can save it

Cause she in shock, I got her begging for more
But it’s evident that I’ll be around for more than a while
Hold the 44 to your dome, try to search niggas