I’m talkin’ this and you not, I’m talkin’ bricks and you not
This is the equinox, this what the people want

And practically cut my mothafuckin’ fan base in half and still outsold you
Real nigga, you ain’t break no rules
And you got strep, I’m too complex with, ‘plex with
So you formed your verdict
They must have looked at Medusa
P!nk, Beyoncé this and Kehlani that" (yeah)
[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Like Osama with a bomb under the bin
This is the murder murder, pass the burner, Em

But nowadays, every flow, every cadence sounds the same
I know you still want me to ill out, don’t you?
Bitch, suck my dick
And I’m soon to stick a broom in the uterus of your Hooters chick
I’m at your throat like Chloraseptic, ‘septic
I’m losin’ it, you get chewed like a Junior Mint
From 7 Mile in Novara to "How can I be down?"
Your money shorter than an acronym
This shit I wrote is on some next shit, next shit
[Outro: PHresher]
If you don’t think I’m that nigga
I’m at your throat like Chloraseptic, ‘septic
Yet you keep comin’ back for more
[Chorus: PHresher]
Or I might go crazy (yeah)
I’m talkin’ straight up and down, nigga, like 6 o’clock
Go off your head like I’m Ayo
It’s a-okay though, whippin’ up whip like it’s mayo
I’m at your throat, I’m feelin’ reckless, reckless, yeah
And down the middle of the Pentagon
Ali or the Svengali embodiment of sin
Back and forth, back and forth
They fly on the latest
These niggas too goddamn lazy
Why you always gotta smack a whore?
Something’s gotta give, that’s for sure
Like Jack Kevorkian’s ass to court
I begin slaughterin’ your men, prolly shoulda been
lately (yeah) Shit is O.C.
‘Til I’m ready to respond, then I’ma launch it at ’em
Thank God, I rap better when the odds are stacked
Take ’em to church, I’m talkin’ the tabernacle
And I can see the fair-weather fans and sales down
Dispel doubt but you won’t admit I smoked
If you think you’re promised tomorrow (yeah!)
If I was you I wouldn’t do nothin’ stupid due to the mood I’m in
Like Chloraseptic
A freakin’ lunatic, a human computer chip
Crocs, alligators, say hi to my haters
And you got strep, I’m too complex with, ‘plex with
Rap mature, why can’t you be like Macklemore? Huh?
High school, niggas ate your food
[Verse 2: PHresher]
Time to eat the vocals and shit out Pro Tools
Then I took a stand, went at Tan-Face
But what the fuck have I awoke to?
But am I s’posed to sound like everything else out?
I fucked some twins before, I had a Benz before
And you was spellbound, hellbound in my snowsuit
All of these stones on my neck, uh
All of us tryna pile in the car (yeah!), we shot for the stars, yeah
Nah, dog, y’all sayin’ I lost it, your fuckin’ marbles are gone
Out of this world, talkin’ NATO
Pull up in the candy car eatin’ a candy bar
You must be sniffin’ that yayo
‘Cause I got shooters that shoot when I say so, like Lord
Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it
This shit I wrote is on some next shit, next shit
Fuck it, man, I want the title
"Revival’s wack, I don’t like the ‘Zombie’ track
[Chorus: PHresher]
So rewind it to your high school dance to the night before
Not as raw as I was, "’Walk on Water’ sucks"
With an obvious intent
Or when he’s talkin’ that garbage psychotic crap

Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs (Chill!)
It’s likely the psychiatric ward’s a last resort
Hopin’ the old Slim’s gonna spill out, open fire
Where’s your content at? What’s with all the conscious rap?
And my girl eatin’ a candy apple
On your whole camp with this spit I wrote you
But I’m tryna come up like JAY-Z
And when I am, I’ll be at your fuckin’ throat like—
In the lobby of the Intercontinental
‘Cause I don’t get compared to it, only myself now
My mission is [?]
Might dumb it down a little, but I ain’t no fool
I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack
Somebody at the door, I heard the speaker knock, uh
But they shoppin’ at Raleys, they stingin’ like tasers
But the only way I care is if I let myself down
(2 Chainz!)
Do me a favor, don’t do me no favors
Idiotic from the fuckin’ embryonic sac
It’s the return of the body snatcher
To the bodybag, I’ll be back
In a fruit fight, I aim at your Adam’s Apple
That chicken, lobster, potatoes
Bin Laden with a pen, body it again
Never, Neverland shit came with a Ferris wheel (goddamn)
They all wanna smoke but ain’t doin’ no labor
Lil’ shawty now comin’ from BK
And I will not even relent up on a little
These bitches got flavors
And hit a kindergartener with a rental, stop!
[Verse 3: Eminem]
You just called my shit trash
Act Hollywood like they play for the Lakers
Nothin’ but love from my heart
Fakin’, nigga, human traffickin’ (woo)
While you sat with your arms crossed
How many fuckin’ rappers did I go through?
Don’t ever, ever, ever try to play me
Pardon my neighbor, we eatin’
Empty the lubricant and put super glue in it
Swagger on 10 since a day old
Wanna be in my shoes, you ain’t paid no dues
Most of y’all my sons, aww, look at little JR
I’m at your throat, I’m feelin’ reckless, reckless, yeah

Walk in the spot, make my woman smack ya (Whoo!)
This tune is sick, it’s luminous, the moon is lit
Show me who to rip, it’s time for you to get screwed
Gotta break ’em off with these Dre beats (yeah)
I’m on the Act again, this ain’t a accident

This is the sin report
But if I look strange and out of place
Yuh, I line their ass up, I aim at their Cruiser
I run the trap again, you on the treadmill (treadmill)
Every track is a K.O., fuck nigga, K.O
Yeah, yeah
Real pain in the paper, I don’t trace
Pockets Rasputia of course, I drove some rims to court
‘Cause we only got so much time in this world (yeah!)
Niggas hate every day, B (yeah)
Ladi-dadi, got a bunch of bodies, nigga
It’s ‘cos of jail, don’t be an A-hole
I feel entitled to titles

Like a Saudi in the Taliban plotting an event

Brain’s a powder keg, I draw inspiration outta hate
King like Ak-ron
So chill out, no, you hoes couldn’t roast me with the shit I wrote you
Big body when I’m backin’ in
Now I’m ’bout to fool again
F-12 same color Kate Moss, ugh, I’m talkin’ wrist in the pot
Ferris day off, baby, AR in the same car
It’s ’cause I’m an alien, that’s why I write ’til the page is outta space, yeah