Tell em I kill it Until it’s feeling like its a grave

This some 2018 shit
My daddy told me it was cheaper to keep em
Til I kill it, homicide on anybody siding with it
Til Rosa Parks said shit I’m tired as a slave
Vehicle City
You want it then come and get it
Now real niggas feel this
Tell em I did for everybody that wanted to listen to rap again but disengaged
Real niggas, and my bad bitches make some noise all the fuck niggas stay quiet
Cause back in the day all they knew how to feed us
[Verse 2: Jon Connor & Dr. Dre]
We really don’t feel it

Everybody looking at me thinking what I’m bout to do
Look at the shit you play
I was poor, I was low, I don’t know where to go, wanna blow
Back to monopolize, anything that we want
Point em out, if you see em, if you see em point em out, I’m feeling like I’m bout to start a riot
Fuck a bitch, fuck tricking, I don’t even retweet em
Catch a body and they fine with that
Aww shit, Kill em Jon!
God Damn, this shit a make a nun miss church
Compare this track to a strap and a mask
Dre Yeah, this is Dr.
I am Richard Pryor fire, lighter to a diaper, hot shit
With you niggas it be just words
And this is the next Aftermath representative, Jon Connor!
The city where houses get raided you know how we play it
[Outro: Jon Connor]
To the major labels, everybody yall sign is wack How I feel?
The album is ‘Vehicle City’
Dre, what up nigga?!
Hearing all the shit that niggas try to mimic
Cause you could be nice with the lyrics but ain’t got that real nigga feeling
Yea, shout to Remy and Lil Kim
Tell em it a benefit em if I get em in a diss first
When we use to have to sit in the back in the bus, like fuck
I’ll admit it, couldn’t go another minute
So Jon, won’t you step up and show ’em just a little bit of what the fuck you do
These rappers is gassed, these rappers is actors and this movie terribly cast
Well let me think about it, Dre done put me in position
Oh, they take pride in that, no sympathy for nobody who ain’t in line
Stay in a hater mouth I should become a dentist

This sound like an old shotty
Ain’t sleeping til all of my people is eating
You and my girl need to switch skirts
Matt Hardy you niggas, delete em, delete em
Tell granny to bury the gun
They waiting for me to come speak for the people
Ever seen Joe Pesci at the end of Casino? Oh you don’t believe em?
Copy raps, I will not be that, I’m yall ass 24/7, *10/4* copy that
Did it better than you would have ever thought
Look, I could do this for days
This Flint and them Compton guys
Cause you sounding worse than the niggas you biting
I ain’t feeling you niggas
Fuck all you niggas, I’m second to none
In my hood, the big niggas debo’ing debo
It’s my time now and every second to come
Midwest fucking with me from here to Toledo
Well I’ma get it while I’m in it
Mo Cleaves
A blast from the past *Gun Shots*

Yea, nigga what? Nothing. Aftermath in this bitch nigga, what you gon’ do about it huh?
Look, this year’s election was trash, so I need therapy bad
Fuck opinions, fuck ya niggas
Y’all did that
Feeding my ego, these hoes, I back seat of my jeep em, I never mislead em
Scary, cause I’ma keep spitting cemeteries until I’m in lyrical heaven with Pun
Yea that’s yo ass
So going to war with us is not advised, nigga
Nice, this is lord steven regal against ricky steamboat
I get excited by the shit that you liking
Look at the shit they say
Hold up, You tired nigga?
Schooling you niggas and you can tell em I skipped a grade
I’m back in a rage, like I’m black and it’s back in the days
None of you niggas is scaring me none
[Intro: Dr. Dre]
[Verse 1: Jon Connor]
Competition kinda getting soft
So I’m bout to try to Royce and Eminem it
No I don’t compromise
[Interlude: Dr. Dre]

You know where the fuck that I’m from
I’m the blemish on ya finish when you think you riding fly
Was funyuns and cheetos, doritos and fritos
Snitches get stitches, in my hood they end up in ditches
I’m finna kill it
Come on, let’s get ’em
Nah, it’s feeling like you niggas just cursed
The fiends on my street they compete for a needle
Real nigga that’ll flip words
I was hoping and hoping the flow would just open the door, I was broke
Cause Imma make a Mother Fucker hot if I diss you in this verse
That shit ain’t appealing to me or the city I live in
Tell em to fix they face
But at home, they like gone and put on, get it on for the throne nigga
Remind me that, when I react, the time we at, pussy niggas, copycats
Fuck the world til my dick hurts