You say you bout it you gon have to show us
We Shot up the family reunion bitch we some party poopers
Got so many bricks on them boats i can’t float em
These pistols got bodies but we still gon tote em
The feds watch my stash house i gotta watch how I maneuver
I just buy it all
Won’t aim at yo body them caskets we close em
Niggas sneak dissing and dont even know us
Got racks up in the pillow case and under the covers
You in a turtle race i got a quicker pace im getting bigger cake
This bitch say she in love w me but i dont trust her
Ride forgious and velanos while your car on donuts
I ain’t been broke in a minute
You police you trynna cuff her im trynna fuck her
Thick bitch tattoo on her ass yea that be my name
Fuck her send her in a uber
Aim at yo head crack it like a egg you think its easter day
Leave niggas with the shitty face i make em suffer
Shout out to my shooter he retarded he ain’t got it all
Double G my Gucci shirt is linen
Back in the day i sold plenty
You make me bring my mask out you think that i was freddie kreuger
Windows tinted they can’t see who in it
I put Forgiatos on a Bentley
I pulled up im in a tesla the color mustard
They find you with yo ass out now you smelling like manure
Run off with yo money like janky promoters
Yea i think you’s a rat nigga, you hang with bustas
These bankrolls on me be so big i can’t fold em
She calling me I blocked her number im tryna duck her
And we pop your top like some strawberry soda
My car is my baby i roll like a stroller
John wall bitch i shoot but i dont play no basketball
And we empty Glocks double back and reload em
You might get a discount if you a customer
Must be drunk bet you had you too much of that alcohol
You fucked up think you can fuck with me you got me fucked up like rosa feet kicked up sitting on the back of my tour bus
Coulda shoulda woulda, but you didn’t
I picked up my shell casings dump them bitches in the sewer
Sold dope from my granma house cause imma hustler
They ain’t sold dope in a minute
Walking lick silence on the stick you won’t hear a thing
I fucked her and sold her a dream i think im Martin Luther
Its so many grams in these blunts i can’t roll em
Imma winner yous a loser fuck the teacher and a tutor
I just bought my shooter rugers
Talk shit imma get you changed for a piece of change
Bigger cake up on my dinner plate what should i eat today
When i left the strip club i pulled out doing donuts
Cause minimum wage wasn’t gon get it
I ran out of coke, so that soap what i sold em
We gang bang nigga rep yo set wtf you claim
I hit the mall gucci, Louie, Fendi