That’s the main reason why I had to get on my job more
Niggas keep on talking that jazz but I ain’t stopping

I was taught to knock off the work
Ain’t nothing popping alive
This still the beginning
They try to get the god on some satan shit
They like Nino Man why the fuck you ain’t blow yet
Niggas make it lit
Know I had to drive I just couldn’t find that car door
I want real love, it’s too many that’s pretending
It’s crazy how your fans will stress you cuz they waiting
Better late than never
I was tryna get it, moms wanted me in job core
[Verse 2]
I just want the lord to bless them
From the seniors to all the freshman
May believe what they see, that’s all perception
[Verse 1]
What you better do is take your blessings
To all federal and state corrections
Everything I got in life I had to work hard for it
I said I don’t know b
Cuz I ain’t stopping
Fuck love I like em better hating
And that’s the glue of the cookies
Fuck with me for me not just when you see me winning
This lifestyle is crazy
Better late than never
First try then try more
Better late than never
Team player and I ain’t got to have the high score
Reason why I know imma make it
I’m not a rookie
Lox is like the X-Men
This is hard work and dedication
Imma be great forever
I toured the world with kiss
Ya’ll played hooky
Cut a couple off now I’m funny
Money is precious, time is sacred
Always keep my foot on that gas so I ain’t flopping
Told me wait my turn but I was never patient
It’s fucked up people only your friends when it’s convenient
I bet you imma go next
They say I’m popping
But timing is everything
When the hating is blatant just for the sake of it
The squares in your circle will always fuck up the shape of it
Remember one thing, better late than never
But I’m on a wave they say it’s taking forever
Then buy more
I’m in a class by myself
They ain’t even see the glow yet
Guess they don’t know yet
Still got to make your weapons
If I can’t smoke in your club, don’t try to book me
But the real show me my love
They say life is what you make of it
I got tired of having friends cuz of cars and when they need it
Your mans hating
I know it got to hurt to die poor
Loyalty is like Wi-fi, poor connection
Crazier how they know you successful
I just got tired of having friends cuz I got money
But wait, that’s all deception
Still can’t escape your lessons
I need some medication