Pull up on em
When the chrome coming?
When you gon pull wit up new chrome on your wheels?
9th, G, Jones, Khrysis, Amp, Kash, Nottz
When I was hungry you looked out, you always got me a meal
Whitaker, the wit of her, good Lord
We cop them classic ol’ thangs in the Hill like Axel
Snow Hill

[Verse 2]
Must be real to get these honors
Ooh, ooh
I was taught to respect the driver more than I do the ride
Represent where you from?
Painted that like Delaney, we see it in color too
That’s the big homie, daddy said always keep a G on me
Snow Hill
I got the dagger back that thang still sharp
I was told to measure a King by the size of his flock
That’s why they put G’s on us
I’m patient though, no wonder they regret it
My army big enough carry a boeing’ Who your leader and where y’all going?
I’m Real
Dangerous to measure a man by the size of his cock
Baby teeth these nigga
I called up mama up
Chrome been spinning on my mind
[Verse 1]
Chicken chasin all summer, pocket muscle real
Boys on the block told boys on the spot
One life to live so you gotta make a mark
Mama got soulfood cooking in the pots
I really play the game y’all commentate behind doors
Chicken chasin all summer, pocket muscle real
She thought ‘bout Carl Thomas

West side told one thang, don’t never rock wit marks
I got family, I got stress, got success and bills
Pull up in the coupe

Ain’t got keys like Khaled but I still open doors
Naw, hold pull back
Speeding thru the laney, what we call high schoolin’
They ain’t worth that
Hair, face new outfit, I’m fine
It’s coming in June

Spoon feed these niggas

Workin on my glowup, they askin if I got mills
Told her ‘bout my summer reign
When you gon pull wit up new chrome on your wheels?
I only rock wit mark, that’s my lil brother
When the chrome coming?
Ride off to the Lox
Dirt on my name, boy I’m way too smart
It’s coming in June
Me, my nigga
When I ooh
Trips round the world wit homies we all flyin’
Hair braided, twisted, wind blowin’ thru my knots
I said no no no, no no I more like Giannis
Ridin’ Shotgun, sittin askew
Everything they say ain’t gospel, lames lie
Represent where you from?
Ride wit me homie, ain’t nothing to hold the wheel
Who they teethin’ on?
The day I fly the coupe I’ll probably get woop woop’d
Good God!
You in a grave situation you should look into a plot
Don’t show all your cards
Synesthetic, know everybody won’t GET it
Put 20 inches on the axle
Chest full of a pride don’t mean nothin’ without heart
Boys always taught don’t cry, but need to cry
Lines better than all the rappers aligned if they ask you
I never been lazy but I [eye] seen a plenty Forest
I’m Real
On the straight narrow
Don’t never say my name cuz it might end yours
A few in my crew flew the coop
You gotta a shot youngin’, you ain’t gotta get shot