But we got nothing so this how i live
Building my shit from nothing tell me this world is fair
But now it doesn’t matter
Dozens and dozens of poison rush over-flooding
Constantly People Bother Me, offer me hella prophecies
I guess the yin and yang is within us and we can’t hide it no matter how much we fake it
There used to be a chapter when i was young and mad about a 100 million facts i’m unathletic and a bastard
Damaging my relationships
And since i’m booming i’m like the man of the clan with the family on my back
And brothers busting each other with guns they love it love it push it to radio feeding it to mind of the public
I am the medicine predecessors benevolent guess they be believing me pressure is of the elements
Don’t lie i might fucking
Still i don’t eat forever its on my plate and i guess i really can say i relate those who dislike its’ tasting
Sorry I missed your call it seems
I’m a zenned out master, actual rap blaster, After math class gassing in the car filled with laughter
Graduate in debt because of the interest piling, by the time i pay it off i got kids ready for college!
Somedays but money means nothing but we’re convinced that it does because we’re clubbing, cousins screaming "It’s all about the money!"
Mama sister and aunty and grandma was all i’d really see at all these family reunions
Life’s too short to not enjoy bacon
Schizophrenia haunting me runs in my family
It’s like I’m lost you see
I’m climbing up the ladder pockets fat asleep like the aftermath of jet lagging
Auctioning off my sanity
Living without profit, working like a slave for a man who’s named Bobby
Don’t lie i might fucking lose it
Staring me in the eyes
They watching me watching me watching, watching i know they watching me
Because what is giving is what is taken
And you don’t want this life bruh! and i would tell an asker of my life experience, to be a doctor or an actor
But no not stressing been chilling getting my rest I got skeletons in my closet caressing the treasure chest
I’ve been touring and moving and shaking, free money making, heart breaking around the world
And it’s like I’m lost you see, oftenly walking cautiously
Don’t lie i might fucking lose it
People full of shit I’m just here to give the colostomy
Thought of becoming Muslim
Got beef relation with random entities hating
Thanks to my loans i made throughout college
And Bobby went to Yale cause he’s children of children children of children of children children who daddy help build the building
But its our nature to seek out an opposition is human kind self-destructive necessitating the hatred to fill the balance?
And we got some problems beyond the fact that we cannot seem to stick together forever watching our fathers leave
Sound is more like a drug affecting and the brain like Robotussin
I’m on an odyssey, under pressure i’m cracking
I’m not the boy I was yesterday that’s the words that they claim I changed so they change on me kinda of rich but it rains on me
Profiting off the prodigy, think I’m blinded but I can see
Don’t you lie i might fucking lose it