Stank from my cologne, I’ma fuck her if she snort the drip (aha)
Jump off the plane with a couple of M’s in the bag
Ridin’ through my old hood, with some new money
Now she suck my dick and don’t say shit when I record the bitch (catch that)
But I’m spendin’ 60k a month just on everyday life
Fourty on me, all big face bills
Three choppas, four Glocks, this shit too heavy
When you that bag, everybody wanna whirl it
Know some sex, money, murder niggas that’ll paint ya
Blue money, they that mad? Tell ’em do something
Get outta line and they a spank ya
Name good, I ain’t never sold no re-rock
All these colors in my chain like a peacock
Tell ’em pull up with them sticks and let ’em hit, you better not miss, bitch
Key to the pad , key to the Rolls, key to the bag
Gettin’ money, why these niggas gettin’ mad?
Fall up in the club, I can rain ’till it’s morning
Trapping, I’m still into that
If anybody play with me, it’s numbers on their head
Got three Tennis chains, and like two Presi’s
We ain’t gon’ talk about it though, that’s the end of that
When I do that, you know them niggas gon’ knock you in half

Told my lil bro, I had to chase M’s
So if my label drop me, I can still look like I rap
All these colors in my chain like a peacock
[Verse 2]
It’s so many opp’s
I let that .40 slang ’till it decock
All they doing is catching bags, sending out and sitting back (aha)
Helluva made this beat, baby

I know some crips, know some treetops
Bout to fly to Cali and look for that good dope
Sent me pics and videos, you can’t get my passcode
Promise my brother I’ma stack and get this paper right
When I was broke, I couldn’t even look toward the bitch
If you ’bout that life, then what you looking shook for?
[Verse 1 ]
Rolls Presi’ on my wrist, I can afford that
When your fans gets your name tatted, then you know you lit
Heavy cash load, got my back broke
Ten up in the motor, got the hood broke
If the police flip me with this Glock, I’ma face ten
Riding through Atlanta with my nigga Lil Boat (Lil Boat)
You in Detroit and see a Wraith, nigga that’s my shit

I ain’t supposed to be the shooter
Bitch, don’t get yo’ head painted, you gon’ look like Lil Boat (painted red)

Been on the indictment list, tryna see the Forbes list
I’d rather take the ticket, niggas want my top
Bitches on the East, and on the West Coast
Niggas trailing us and you know what they good for
I’m on top, but I still let it spray like it’s 4 days into July
I’ve been running red light in my city, I know it’s hot
Know a couple of niggas living like they got platinum plaques (Aha)
Went from playing with joysticks to out in traffic blowing sticks (Graa)
Know some BD’s, I know some gangsta’s
Address, I can send you that
Raf Simmons cost me five slips
I let that .40 slang ’till it de-cock
I got the key to the streets, don’t get a key put on your ass
Know some Pirus, know some head-bangers
In the back of the Mulsanne, letting the space build
Name good, I ain’t never sold no re-rock
Problems they got, they gon’ call you like you caused ’em
Would of pushed Rico’s shit back, I am not Mitch
I know some crips, know some treetops
Dat Goyard bag another fire strip

Back in the day, I couldn’t even look toward that
Heard a couple niggas wanna put me on my shit (what)
Start in every game ’cause at practice, I’ve been balling (swish)