I pour the D’Usse like I’m John Wall
[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I’m on probation, I can’t go to jail, no
I brought that Dawn in my hood, they was like, "What’s that?"
If you hit my trenches with that chain, it’s comin’ off of you
They still praying on your downfall (for real)
If that nigga hate, fuck his main and his side broad (and his side broad)
Ayy, who you lil’ niggas talkin’ to?
I only fuck if that pussy don’t smell (for real)
Only joke around the circle, don’t let niggas see you laughin’
They still prayin’ for my downfall (Free Meek)
One-thousand three grams, a birdie on the scale (scale)
Persia to [?], now it’s New York to Cali
Bitch bad like Beyonce, sippin’ lemonade
Yes, I bought stress with that work through that mail
On all ten, bitch, I stood tall (True shit)
With the D’usse they can’t do me ’cause a nigga made
I won 50 on the Eagles, split it with my dogs
Turned my niggas into bosses, that’s what bosses do
I went platinum, I get paid to be on camera
Don’t take this bag if it’s too much for you to manage
Spend a night with me these bitches gotta get they tracks fixed
Private jet when its urgent, gotta get flown right
Brandon Graham from Detroit, nigga, that’s home right
I know they praying on my downfall (they did)
Now them same niggas won’t breathe again, speak again
I fuck with LeBron but the money tall as Shaq, bitch
What else?) After them chi-chis, writin’ them letters (what else?

I might buy your bitch a pair of Yeezy’s, they comfortable
From the yard to the streets, I’ma stand tall
[Verse 2: Tee Grizzley & Meek Mill]
We made it out from State, went from all that stressin’
But that boy’ll still eat your chain like a Lunchable
We gon’ kill you if you nervous, if you nervous, you might tell (if you nervous, you might tell)

Got these niggas pocket watchin’, they like what he paid
Four deep, I got floor seats watchin’ ‘Bron ball (‘Bron ball)
Niggas shot my little brother, I jumped in that van
I bought that bitch a new purse at Chanel (for real)
I told her hold down this Glock, if it’s real
(What?) Thank God, ain’t it a blessin’?
So that deal money gotta invest it in this bag, bitch
Expensive designers can’t fit big niggas so my clothes type
Beef with corny niggas, corn beef, we don’t mind y’all (mind y’all)
Rollie on my wrist and it’s fully sprayed
I’m from Philly, nigga, but that money long as Broad Street
These niggas prayed on my downfall (They did!)
I don’t know how long I’ma last in this rap shit
Got a nigga from Chicago, he got money too
They tried to tell me I lost, nigga, I shook that (shook)
These niggas prayed on my downfall (they did)
I’m the only nigga from my generation with a mansion (Free Meek Mill)
If it’s really beef, I will find y’all (find y’all)
I done bagged a popstar, put a Wraith on the road
Longest Mac bitch, catch this Mac clip
[Outro: Meek Mill & Tee Grizzley]
[Intro: Tee Grizzley & Meek Mill]
These niggas prayed on my downfall
Still pray for them niggas ’cause some of them my mans
I made a milli from rappin’ and I ain’t look back

Other niggas from my generation dead or in the pen
Collect call on them bitches, they intercept us (hey)
I feel ’em prayin’ on my downfall
I pour a deuce up like I’m John Wall (for real)
Rosecrans, the hottest daily, Free G-Weeder, that’s my family
Bein’ broke did somethin’ to my soul (soul)
Ayy, I wear that glizzy like it’s fashion
Touch down, came home, pourin’ Ace up with Hov’ (Hov’)
She got the head like that hoe went to Yale (Yale)
A bitch not ’bout to treat my like I’m average
Why you niggas askin’ for my number? I don’t fuck with you
Counter-clock the pots up in the kitchen, I need this shit cook crack
Tell her get the 1s, no money guns, I need this shit thrown right

If you ain’t my mans and we argue, I’m offin’ you
Had a nigga locked down, 23 in the hole (hole)