A brawl ensued with a racist cop
Crackers out here stackin’ they army
[Verse 2: CeeLo Green]
I was sittin’ up under these trees

As they hung lifeless from your arms
[Chorus: CeeLo Green]
But he’s basically still undercover in his civilian clothes
And if I wouldn’t rap, I’d probably meet the same damn fate

Flick a wrist, I flick a brick
[Verse 1: David Banner]
Let me try to offer ya’ll a whole ‘nother perspective really quick
She was talkin’ to me, said
Mighty mighty Magnolia
Mighty Magnolia
We’ve all got choices, and the real recognize what’s real and chose
Your daughters and your sons
But he may not even get that love again
[Chorus: CeeLo Green]
Oh, Mother Magnolia
Mighty Magnolia
This some old outer space ballin, spacecraft callin’
I know that ya’ll missed us
Then she started to tell me
‘Cause salary’s still not enough to be a Republican
Now, this African American officer was an undercover
They need proof that God exist
Yeah, ooh
When I’m speakin’ the truth
It’s probably shed a tear and weep
Please, Mother Magnolia
From the same damn rope, I’m ’bout the same damn weight
I wonder does he still consider that he’s still a nigga
Please, Mother Magnolia
Billion dollar freedom fighter

If a tree could speak
Everywhere we go, it’s Mississippi, ho
The last shall be first and the first shall be last
And he was married to a white woman that they called a nigga lover
Didn’t stop and ask
I’m so older but I’m young in my spirit
You pissed us off enough to clique up on your ass
Made the sky start cryin’
From Mr. Malcom Garvey and Marley
Had one too many one night and forgot his badge
I said, "Wait, man, wait"

And I take it if I gotta, nigga
It’s been such a long time comin’
Oh, Mother Magnolia
‘Cause he was sure that he was a nigga when he shot his ass
But will the seasons ever change?
How she was used in the lynching of blacks
Your daughters and your sons
Who lost a little brother because of a gang color
All the right reasons
For being there behind Confederate lines

From the blood I’d hear it
These bitches know
I still got the nooses just loose and they tighten that bitch up
And I told her, "The Mighty Magnolia that stand tall for the shoulders of slaves and soldiers when the days get colder"
Peace the dro
No average, no savage, this King [?]
It ain’t shit hard as this, it ain’t shit hard as this
An O, I still get this dough
And it became a full time job not to kill a nigga
Although, the fruit is strange
But will the seasons ever change?
Issues of growing up without a dad
Made the sky start cryin’
As they hung lifeless from your arms
It’s been such a long time comin’
Branch cracked, broke her arms so his neck wouldn’t snap
Tryna enlist us
Who I happen to be?" "Son do you know who I am?
So, I gave The God Box
Black George Jetson, Juice City jack kawin’
Paintin’ pictures of scriptures
Although, the fruit is strange
Which, eventually, accelerated the cancer that killed his mother
For the skin like mine